The Language You Use Determines What You Can Think

Welcome to the ODODU home page.


This site describes Ododu, a constructed language that is designed to continually evolve towards the goal of a universal language. The language embodies a Principle of General Relativity that contends that the structure of a universal language should covariantly model the structure of the universe itself, and our own conscious nature as fundamental elements in and of this universe. Thus the Ododu language comprises its own cosmology. It will subsume art, numbers, and mathematics, provide guidance for the construction of science and technology, and lead us to a peaceful cooperative global society.

This website is now undergoing a significant revision from the last major posting in 2009.  As changes are introduced a What’s New blog at the end of the Home Page will be continually updated on changes occurring after April, 2015.

A series of tabs and pages that describe Ododu are listed below, along with a brief description of each section.

Foundations Tab:

Introduction:  Describes how and why the Ododu project began, what it comprises, what it hopes to accomplish, and how it relates to similar efforts that have occurred throughout history.

Overview:  Presents the minimal structure of Ododu and provides a brief rational for its construction.  It also indicates how anyone can initially assign meaning to this structure and how it can then evolve through continued use.

Technical Summary: The foundational presumptions and methodology that govern the structure and process of Ododu.

The Ododu Language:  Presents a preliminary assignment of meaning to the elements of Ododu and a framework for this assignment.

Derivations and Procedures Tab:

Derivation of Archetypal Meaning:  Presents a detailed discussion of how the assigned meanings are derived from the nature of the symbolic forms utilized and the nature of the universe that the symbolic forms represent.

Derivation of Compound Words: Describes a procedure that can be used to construct multiple consonant words from the foundational preliminaries.

Evolution of Ododu: Describes a procedure that I have used internally to develop Ododu and which I believe will continue the future evolution of Ododu through the actions and interactions of additional users.

Embedding Ododu in Other Languages: Discusses the procedure for incorporating names from other languages into Ododu and how this then results in Ododu becoming embedded within other natural languages as a sublanguage.

Mathematics and Science Tab:

Derivation of Numbers: Shows how numbers are an integral part of Ododu and how the structure of Ododu yields the number systems for integers, rationals, reals and complex numbers. Also includes a derivational origin for spinors and quaternions.

Derivation of Mathematics: Traces a possible development of mathematics starting with the four Relational Orders, a reinterpretation of the Laws of Form, and then the development of group and set theory.  This can lead to the formulation of all mathematics commonly used today.

Theoretical Foundations of Ododu: Presents a discussion of some of the ideas that have played important roles in the development of Ododu.  This is an essay from 2002 that will probably be rewritten in the next few months.

Science and Technology: Discusses how the cosmology and mathematics of Ododu could unify the current philosophically incompatible theories of general relativity and quantum electrodynamics. Also presents a multitrophic ecosystems technology that can transform modern agriculture into an environmentally sustainable technology that can feed the present and future world and repair the global ecology. This tab exists in outline form at the present.

Dictionary Tab:

Grammar Dictionary:  Illustrates the grammar as applied to three letter words (one letter cores).

Core Concept Dictionary:  Begins the illustration of multi letter core word concepts expressed as nouns.

Essay Tab:

UDU: This is an essay originally written in 1988.  At that time was called Bion and it accompanied an earlier language called OITH which was a precursor of Ododu.  In 2002 the name Bion was changed to UDU and it was modified slightly to make it consistent with the initial editions of Ododu.

The Bion Hypothesis:  This is a brief essay written in 1989 that describes the early technological applications of OITH, now Ododu. The development of these technological applications is described in the Science and Technology section of the Mathematics and Science Tab.

Links:  A few links to relevant websites are provided here.

What’s New: A blog format listing of changes to the site starting with the latest revisions in April, 2015.  This will continue to be located below on the Home page.

April 10, 2015:  Began loading in draft of new version of Ododu.

April 15, 2015:  Draft version now loaded. Editorial cleanup will take a few more weeks.