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Science & Technology

Science and Technology

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For Ododu to be successful as an approach to a universal language it will have to achieve a number of objectives.  These will include:

            Explain the consistent and experientially verified conclusions of our physics based modern science.

            Solve some of the problems or resolve some of the paradoxes that currently exist within and outside the scope of modern science.

Currently we can build fantastic machines that can make life much easier and can allow us to do things that would be impossible without them.

But we still can’t understand each other, and there is still war, repression, discrimination, and a continuing degradation of the planetary ecosystem.

Thus Ododu will have the following Goals.

Provide framework to subsume physics and unify general relativity and quantum electrodynamics.

Build a model of biological and ecological processes that will generate technologies that can sustain humanity and that will restore and heal our global ecosystem.

Continue the Ododu experiment as a program for better thinking and understanding.

This will start with a new framework for physics that will be presented in outline form, hopefully in the near future.

The physics effort will be accompanied by descriptions or technologies we have created by using the Ododu evolving language process over the last 30 years.  This will include two companies that we formed to apply these technologies, Bion Technologies, Inc. and TimberFish Technologies. These efforts have focused on the development of a number of ecotechnologies and microbiosemiotics.



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