The Language You Use Determines What You Can Think

The Core Concept Dictionary

The Core Concept Dictionary

Section 1: Two syllables, one consonant words. J core.

These words are constructed by combining the two vowel grammar words with cores containing only a single consonant. The result is a word comprising vowel consonant vowel, or a VJV format with a J core.  All words beginning with the letters U, I, E, A, O, Q, Y, and H, and ending with the letter U will be presented.  Thus the presented words have a VJU format.

First the real nouns, words beginning with the letter U:

UDU     consciousness

UPU      will, desire

URU      emotion, feeling

UBU      decision, choice

UCU      body

ULU      action

UTU      sensation

UKU     creation

USU      sign, word, symbol

UGU     derivation

UFU      image

UXU      thought, concept

UNU     thing, system, perspective, particle

UMU     interaction

UWU     property

UZU       covariance, connection


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The infinitive verb forms and their meanings for the sixteen consonants are:

IDU      to be

IPU       to want, to will

IRU       to feel

IBU       to decide

ICU       to have, to exist physically, to be physically

ILU       to do

ITU       to sense

IKU      to create, to make

ISU       to speak, to name, to mark

IGU       to derive

IFU       to show, to reflect, to image

IXU       to think

INU       to place, to locate

IMU      to go, to interact, to force, to push or pull

IWU      to recognize, to characterize, to identify

IZU        to connect, to communicate covariantly

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The modifiers begin with the letter E. The ending vowels determine whether they are adjectives (modify nouns or pronouns) or adverbs (modify adjectives, verbs, other adverbs or relationals). The U endings indicate adjectives and are:

EDU      conscious

EPU      desirable

ERU      emotional

EBU      decisive

ECU      physical

ELU      action as adjective

ETU      sensory

EKU     creative

ESU      symbolic

EGU     meaningful

EFU      imaged

EXU     thoughtful

ENU     located

EMU     interactive

EWU    characteristic

EZU     covariant, connected


The relational words which begin with A and end with U are:

ADU     I

APU      you

ARU      third person (he, she, it)

ABU      who

ACU      and

ALU      or

ATU      comparison

AKU      implication

ASU       the

AGU      this

AFU       that

AXU      what

ANU      when

AMU     where

AWU     how

AZU      why


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The nouns representing ideas, OJU format, are shown below:

ODU      the idea of consciousness used as a subject

OPU        the idea of will used as a subject

ORU        the idea of love used as a subject

OBU       the idea of decision used as a subject

OCU       the idea of body used as a subject

OLU        the idea of action used as a subject

OTU        the idea of sensation used as a subject

OKU        the idea of creation used as a subject

OSU        the idea of sign used as a subject

OGU       the idea of derivation used as a subject

OFU        the idea of image used as a subject

OXU       the idea of thought used as a subject

ONU       the idea of thing used as a subject

OMU       the idea of interaction used as a subject

OWU       the idea of property or characteristic used as a subject

OZU       the idea of connection or field used as a subject


The perfect verb forms (verbs ending in "ing"), with QJU format, are shown below:

QDU       to be being aware

QPU       to be wanting

QRU      to be loving

QBU      to be deciding

QCU      to be having

QLU      to be acting

QTU      to be sensing

QKU      to be making

QSU      to be speaking

QGU      to be deriving

QFU      to be picturing

QXU      to be thinking

QNU      to be locating

QMU      to be interacting

QWU      to be characterizing

QZU      to be connecting


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Numbers will be technically derived in a later mathematics section. The counting numbers or positive integers (words beginning with Y) are listed here.

Full        Shorthand                  Numeral                     Numeral

Name    Convention                 Base Ten                   Base Four

YDU           D                                .                                    .

YPU            P                                1                                  1

YRU           R                                 2                                  2

YBU           B                                 3                                  3

YCU           C                                 4                                10

YLU            L                                 5                                11

YTU            T                                 6                                12

YKU           K                                 7                                13

YSU            S                                 8                                20

YGU           G                                 9                                21

YFU            F                                10                                22

YXU           X                                11                                23

YNU           N                                12                                30

YMU          M                                13                                31

YWU          W                                14                                32

YZU            Z                                 15                                33


The conceptually abstract or mathematical words which begin with H and end with U are:

HDU           point

HPU            line

HRU           surface

HBU           space, volume

HCU           set

HLU           equivalence relation

HTU           redundancy

HKU           combination/cancelation

HSU            set of relations

HGU            relational cross

HFU            relational mark

HXU            relational combination/cancelation

HNU            element of a set

HMU            association

HWU            intersection

HZU             union


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Section 2:  Three syllable, three vowel words; format VVU.

First the real nouns, words beginning with the letter U:

UUU       Self Relation

UIU         Linear Relation

UEU        Relational Relation

UAU        Interrelational Relation

UOU        Distinction

UQU        Cross

UYU         Name, Mark

UHU         Operation, Interaction, Interrelation


The IVU format verb forms are:

IUU       to self relate

IIU         to linearly relate

IEU        to relationally relate

IAU        to interrelationally relate

IOU        to make a distinction

IQU        to cross

IYU         to name, to mark

IHU         to operationally interact


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The EVU format adjectives are:

EUU       self relational

EIU         linear relational

EEU        relational relational

EAU        interrelational relational

EOU        distinguished

EQU        crossed

EYU         named, marked

EHU         operational, interrelational


The AVU format relational forms are used  to include some of the most universally expressed concepts in language into single sound, single letter words.  These words will be used as the single vowel letters but their formal definition will be as follows: 

AUU         U;  hello

AIU           I;  me

AEU          E;  yes

AAU         A;  no

AOU         O;  zero,

AQU         Q;  cross, opposite, reflection 

AYU          Y,  name, mark

AHU          H,  question


The OVU format idea words are:

OUU       the idea of self relation

OIU         the idea of linear relation

OEU        the idea of relational relation

OAU        the idea of interrelational relation

OOU        the idea of distinction

OQU        the idea of cross

OYU         the idea of name, mark

OHU         the idea of operation, interaction, interrelation


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The QVU format progressive verb forms are:

QUU       to be self relating

QIU         to be linearly relating

QEU        to be relationally relating

QAU        to be interrelationally relating

QOU        to be distinguishing

QQU        to be crossing

QYU         to be naming

QHU         to be operationally interacting


While most of the grammatical forms of these words follows closely with what has been done previously with the consonant cores special note should be made for the following definitions concerning numbers and abstract concepts, words beginning with Y and H.  The YVU words (numbers) are;

YUU        1 

YIU          i   

YEU         j

YAU         k

YOU         1

YQU         2

YYU          3

YHU          4

Here i, j, and k, all represent different forms of the square root of minus one.  Thus i, j, and k all equal the square root of minus one but they are not equal to each other.  These numbers are the basis elements for a quaternion.


The HVU format mathematical words are;

HUU           association

HIU             part

HEU            category

HAU           negative

HOU           set, boundary

HQU           cross, transition

HYU           representation

HHU           operation


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Section 3: Three syllable, one consonant words; JV cores.  These words are presented with a VJV*U

Section 3 words are constructed from cores consisting of a consonant followed by a vowel. Thus they are expansion cores and all the words have a VJVV format with a JV core. Only the vowels U, I, E, or A may be used as V* which ends a core to facilitate pronunciation and ease of use.  As before the cores become words when they are inserted between the two vowels of one of the 64 two vowel words which define the grammar. The lead vowel specifies what kind of word this use of the core will be (noun, verb, etc.) and the last vowel specifies how it will be used (subject, object, or present tense, future tense, etc).

In Section 3 the derivations and meanings of words will be presented for words beginning and ending with U (reals), words beginning with I and ending with U (verbs, infinitive form), words beginning with E and ending with U (adjectives), words beginning with A and ending with U (relationals), words beginning with O and ending with U (ideas), words beginning with Q and ending with U (perfect verbs, infinitive form),  It will be assumed that most other word forms will be sufficiently obvious based on the examples in Section 1 so that a complete listing is not necessary. Grammatical usage is illustrated in The Grammar Dictionary.  The expansions for the numbers and mathematical concepts will be presented and discussed in the mathematics section.

The procedure for Section 3 will be to present a Section 1 word first (VJU format) and then list all Section 3 words which are derived from that Section 1 word. The Section 3 words will have a VJV*U format where the second vowel, V*, determines the way that the meaning of the VJU word is expanded.


UDU          consciousness

   UDUU    existence

   UDIU      experience

   UDEU     memory

   UDAU     life


UPU           will, desire

   UPUU    self preservation

   UPIU      input/output, eat/excrete

   UPEU     creative sexual desire

   UPAU     curiosity, will


URU           love, emotion, feeling

   URUU     fear

   URIU      anger

   UREU     joy

   URAU    sorrow


UBU           decision

   UBUU     good

   UBIU       function, work

   UBEU      value, rank

   UBAU     beauty


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UCU           body

   UCUU      boundary, skin

   UCIU       motion effectors

   UCEU      sensors

   UCAU     exchange organs


ULU           action

   ULUU     start, decision

   ULIU       movement

   ULEU      work

   ULAU      activity, project


UTU           sensation

   UTUU      touch

   UTIU        hear

   UTEU       taste/smell

   UTAU      see


UKU           creation

   UKUU     conception, genesis, birth

   UKIU       reproduction, both sexual and asexual

   UKEU      design, balance

   UKAU      art, creation of the aesthetic


USU            sign, speak

   USUU      symbol

   USIU       word

   USEU      message

   USAU      language


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UGU          derivation

   UGUU     meaning

   UGIU      definition

   UGEU     correlation, mapping

   UGAU     analysis, verification


UFU           image

   UFUU     form

   UFIU      perspective

   UFEU     imagination, picture in mind

   UFAU    archetype


UXU           thought

   UXUU     idea, concept, datum

   UXIU       information, organized ideas or data

   UXEU      knowledge, applied information

   UXAU     understanding, wisdom, knowledge constrained by a value structure


UNU          thing

   UNUU    particle

   UNIU      system, collection

   UNEU     group, organization, organism

   UNAU    place, ecosystem, universe


UMU         interaction

   UMUU    force, push pull

   UMIU     dialogue, intercourse, sex

   UMEU    deal, contract, agreement

   UMAU    motivation, inspiration, influence


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UWU          property, characteristic

   UWUU    inherent characteristics, mass

   UWIU     active characteristics, charge, sex

   UWEU    quality characteristics, shape, color

   UWAU    physical characteristics, location


UZU           connection

   UZUU     internally connected, organized

   UZIU       network

   UZEU      cooperation

   UZAU      covariance, field, space


IDU             to be

   IDUU        to exist

   IDIU         to experience

   IDEU         to remember

   IDAU        to live


IPU               to want

   IPUU         to protect

   IPIU           to have to eat or excrete, to hunger, to need

   IPEU          to sexually desire

   IPAU         to be curious


IRU              to feel emotion

   IRUU        to fear

   IRIU          to be angry

   IREU         to rejoice

   IRAU         to sorrow


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IBU               to choose

   IBUU         to treasure

   IBIU           to approve

   IBEU          to evaluate, to assess

   IBAU          to appreciate


ICU               to have

   ICUU         to cover, to bound

   ICIU           to try

   ICEU          to search

   ICAU          to exchange


ILU                to do

   ILUU          to decide, to start

   ILIU            to act

   ILEU           to work

   ILAU           to build, to manage


ITU                to sense

   ITUU          to touch

   ITIU            to hear

   ITEU           to taste/smell

   ITAU          to see


IKU               to make

   IKUU         to conceive

   IKIU           to copy, to reproduce

   IKEU          to design

   IKAU         to artistically create, to originate, to invent


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ISU               to sign, to speak

   ISUU         to symbolize

   ISIU           to name, to create a word

   ISEU          to communicate, to send, to send a message

   ISAU          to dialogue


IGU               to derive

   IGUU         to mean

   IGIU          to define

   IGEU         to map

   IGAU         to verify


IFU               to image

   IFUU         to form

   IFIU           to picture

   IFEU          to abstract

   IFAU          to conceptualize


IXU               to think

   IXUU         to record, to have data

   IXIU           to inform

   IXEU          to know

   IXAU          to understand


INU              to place

   INUU        to point

   INIU          to collect

   INEU         to organize

   INAU        to locate


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IMU             to interact

   IMUU       to force, to push, to pull

   IMIU         to physically or sexually interact

   IMEU        to deal, to get, to give, to agree

   IMAU       to motivate, to inspire, to influence


IWU            to characterize

   IWUU      to weigh

   IWIU        to charge

   IWEU       to describe, to type, to represent

   IWAU       to recognize, to detect, to identify


IZU              to connect

   IZUU        to internally organize

   IZIU         to network

   IZEU        to cooperate

   IZAU       to covariantly communicate


EDU          conscious

   EDUU     real

   EDIU      experiential

   EDEU     remembered

   EDAU     alive


EPU           desirable

   EPUU     wanted

   EPIU       hungry, needed

   EPEU      sexually desired

   EPAU      curious


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ERU           emotional

   ERUU     fearful

   ERIU      angry

   EREU     joyful

   ERAU    sorrowful


EBU           choosen

   EBUU     treasured

   EBIU       approved

   EBEU      valued

   EBAU     appreciated


ECU           physical

   ECUU      contained

   ECIU       moved

   ECEU      sensed

   ECAU     exchanged


ELU           active

   ELUU     started, decided

   ELIU       mobile, active

   ELEU      worked

   ELAU      built, managed, coordinated


ETU           sensory

   ETUU      tactile

   ETIU        heard

   ETEU       tasted, smelt

   ETAU      seen, visible


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EKU           created

   EKUU     original, born

   EKIU       conceptual, reproductive

   EKEU      balanced

   EKAU      artistic


ESU            signed

   ESUU      symbolized

   ESIU       verbalized

   ESEU      communicated

   ESAU      linguistic


EGU          derived

  EGUU     meaningful

   EGIU      defined

   EGEU     correlated, mapped

   EGAU     verified


EFU           imaged

   EFUU     formal

   EFIU      perspective

   EFEU     imaginary

   EFAU    archetypal


EXU           thoughtful

   EXUU     conceptual

   EXIU       informational

   EXEU      known

   EXAU     understandable, wise


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EXU         valuable

   EXUU    functional

   EXIU      good, aesthetic

   EXEU     happy

   EXAU    beautiful


ENU          located, tangible

   ENUU    particulate

   ENIU      systemic, collected

   ENEU     grouped, organized

   ENAU    placed, located, universal


EMU         interactive

   EMUU    forceful

   EMIU     dialogued, interacted, sexual

   EMEU     contractual, agreed

   EMAU    motivated, inspired, influenced


EWU          characteristic

   EWUU    massive

   EWIU     charged

   EWEU    colorful

   EWAU    environmental


EZU           connected

   EZUU     internally organized

   EZIU       networked

   EZEU      cooperative

   EZAU      covariant



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ADU           me

   ADUU      I as gender neutral

   ADIU        I as male

   ADEU       I as female

   ADAU I    universal I


APU             you

   APUU       you as gender neutral

   APIU        you as male

   APEU       you as female

   APAU      universal you


ARU            third person

   ARUU      it

   ARIU        he

   AREU      she

   ARAU      universal third person


ABU           who

   ABUU     who as gender neutral

   ABIU       who as male

   ABEU      who as female

   ABAU     universal who


ACU           and

   ACUU     with

   ACIU       between

   ACEU      among

   ACAU     together, and all


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ALU          or

   ALUU     either or but not both

   ALIU      and or (either and/or both)

   ALEU     other

   ALAU     not any


ATU          comparison

   ATUU    same

   ATIU     similar

   ATEU    more

   ATAU   different


AKU          implication

   AKUU     if

   AKIU      of

  AKEU      then

   AKAU     as


ASU          article the

   ASUU    neutral the

   ASIU      masculine the

   ASEU     feminine the

   ASAU    universal the


AGU         this

   AGUU   neutral this

   AGIU     masculine this

   AGEU    feminine this

   AGAU    universal this


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AFU          that

   AFUU    neutral that

   AFIU     masculine that

   AFEU    feminine that

   AFAU    universal that


AXU           what

   AXUU     neutral what

   AXIU      masculine what

   AXEU     feminine what

   AXAU    universal what


ANU           when

   ANUU      now

   ANIU       while, continuing

   ANEU     before, past tense

   ANAU     after, future tense


AMU         where

   AMUU    here, in, inside

   AMIU     out, outside

   AMEU    at

   AMAU    to


AWU          how

   AWUU     by

   AWIU      from

   AWEU     for

   AWAU     again


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AZU          why

   AZUU     since

   AZIU      because

   AZEU     on

   AZAU     off


ODU      the idea of consciousness

   ODUU    the idea of existence

   ODIU      the idea of experience

   ODEU     the idea of memory

   ODAU     the idea of life


OPU        the idea of will

   ODUU    the idea of existence

   ODIU      the idea of experience

   ODEU     the idea of memory

   ODAU     the idea of life


ORU        the idea of love

   ORUU     the idea of fear

   ORIU      the idea of anger

   OREU     the idea of joy

   ORAU    the idea of sorrow


OBU       the idea of choice

   OBUU     the idea of the good

   OBIU       the idea of what works, is functional

   OBEU      the idea of value

   OBAU     the idea of beauty


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OCU       the idea of body

   OCUU      the idea of boundary, skin

   OCIU       the idea of motion effectors

   OCEU      the idea of sensors

   OCAU     the idea of exchange organs


OLU        the idea of action

   OLUU     the idea of start, decision

   OLIU       the idea of movement

   OLEU      the idea of work

   OLAU      the idea of activity, project


OTU        the idea of sensation

   OTUU      the idea of touch

   OTIU        the idea of hear

   OTEU       the idea of taste/smell

   OTAU      the idea of seeing


OKU        the idea of creation

   OKUU     the idea of conception, genesis, birth

   OKIU       the idea of reproduction, both sexual and asexual

   OKEU      the idea of design, balance

   OKAU      the idea of art, creation of the aesthetic


OSU        the idea of sign

   OSUU      the idea of symbol

   OSIU       the idea of word

   OSEU      the idea of message

   OSAU      the idea of language


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OGU       the idea of derivation

   OGUU     the idea of meaning

   OGIU      the idea of definition

   OGEU     the idea of correlation, mapping

   OGAU     the idea of analysis, verification


OFU        the idea of image

   OFUU     the idea of form

   OFIU      the idea of perspective

   OFEU     the idea of imagination, picture in mind

   OFAU    the idea of archetype


OXU       the idea of thought

   OXUU     the idea of idea, concept, datum

   OXIU       the idea of information, organized ideas or data

   OXEU      the idea of knowledge, applied information

   OXAU     the idea of understanding, wisdom, knowledge constrained by a value structure


OXU       the idea of value

   OXUU    the idea of functionality

   OXIU      the idea of good

   OXEU     the idea of happiness

   OXAU    the idea of beauty, aesthetics


ONU       the idea of thing

   ONUU    the idea of particle

   ONIU      the idea of system, collection

   ONEU     the idea of group, organization, organism

   ONAU    the idea of place, ecosystem, universe


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OMU       the idea of interaction

   OMUU    the idea of force, push pull

   OMIU     the idea of dialogue, intercourse, sex

   OMEU    the idea of deal, contract, agreement

   OMAU    the idea of motivation, inspiration, influence


OWU       the idea of property or characteristic

   OWUU    the idea of inherent characteristics, mass

   OWIU     the idea of active characteristics, charge, sex

   OWEU    the idea of quality characteristics, shape, color

   OWAU    the idea of physical characteristics, location


OZU       the idea of connection or field

   OZUU     the idea of internally connected, organized

   OZIU       the idea of network

   OZEU      the idea of cooperation

   OZAU      the idea of covariance, field, space



QDU       to be being aware

   QDUU        to be existing

   QDIU         to be experiencing

   QDEU         to be remembering

   QDAU        to be living


QPU       to be wanting

   QPUU         to be protecting

   QPIU           to be needing

   QPEU          to be sexually desiring

   QPAU         to be being curious


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QRU      to be loving

   QRUU        to be fearing

   QRIU          to be being angry

   QREU         to be rejoicing

   QRAU         to be sorrowing


QBU      to be choosing

   QBUU         to be treasuring

   QBIU           to be approving

   QBEU          to be valuing

  QBAU          to be appreciating


QCU      to be having

   QCUU         to be covering

   QCIU           to be trying

   QCEU          to be searching

   QCAU          to be exchanging


QLU      to be acting

   QLUU          to be deciding, to be starting

   QLIU            to be acting

   QLEU           to be working

   QLAU           to be building


QTU      to be sensing

   QTUU          to be touching

   QTIU            to be hearing

   QTEU           to be tasting/smelling

   QTAU          to be seeing


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QKU      to be making

   QKUU         to be conceiving

   QKIU           to be reproducing

   QKEU          to be designing

   QKAU         to be artistically creating


QSU      to be speaking

   QSUU         to be symbolizing

   QSIU           to be naming

   QSEU          to be communicating

   QSAU          to be dialoguing


QGU      to be deriving

   QGUU         to be meaning

   QGIU          to be defining

   QGEU         to be mapping

   QGAU         to be verifying


QFU      to be picturing

   QFUU         to be forming

   QFIU           to be picturing

   QFEU          to be abstracting

   QFAU          to be conceptualizing


QXU      to be thinking

   QXUU         to be recording

   QXIU           to be informing

   QXEU          to be knowing

   QXAU          to be understanding


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QXU      to be valuing

   QXUU         to be assessing

   QXIU          to be approving

   QXEU         to be treasuring

   QXAU         to be appreciating


QNU      to be placing

   QNUU        to be pointing

   QNIU          to be collecting

   QNEU         to be organizing

   QNAU        to be locating


QMU      to be interacting

   QMUU       to be forcing

   QMIU         to be physically or sexually interacting

   QMEU        to be dealing

   QMAU       to be motivating


QWU      to be characterizing

   QWUU      to be weighing

   QWIU        to be charging

   QWEU       to be representing

   QWAU       to be recognizing


QZU      to be connecting

   QZUU        to be internally organizing

   QZIU         to be networking

   QZEU        to be cooperating

   QZAU       to be covariantly communicating


Both the numbers (words beginning with Y) and the mathematical concepts (words beginning with H) will be presented and discussed in detail in The Derivation of Numbers and Mathematics section.

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